Matthew C. Horne, motivational speaker and author, is the president of Optimum Success International, a speaking and publishing company located in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. He is an international authority on Maximizing Human Potential. Matthew is the author of "The Universe Is Inviting You In", and "All We Have Is NOW," which are both publicly endorsed by legendary motivational speaker Les Brown. He is also the author of "Choices: The Young Black Man’s Guide to Successful Living," and "How To Get Beautiful Women …and Everything Else You Want From Life."

Growing up, Matthew’s ultimate vision for his life was to play basketball in the NBA. He positioned himself to live this reality through obtaining a full-athletic scholarship to play Division I basketball in college. Much to his surprise destiny revealed his true calling during his collegiate years, as he discovered a passion for motivational speaking.

Matthew was told by his professors he would never make it as an English major, and to the astonishment of everyone, he not only obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, but was offered his first book contract before he graduated in his last semester of college.

Matthew’s message is one of creating your own reality according your vivid destiny pictures. Matthew empowers audiences to live their unique truth, independent of the opinions of others. Matthew’s message is quickly spanning the globe through his books, audios, and motivational speeches. He is a guest-columnist for the Washington Post’s “The Root DC” section. He is a staff writer for EmPower Magazine. He is the creator of the television show “Matthew C. Horne Live!” He is the co-host of the television show “How To Survive In A Bad Economy.” He has also been featured on the legendary radio station WOL with his weekly minute motivational segments. Matthew will bring any event to life! Matthew is available for speeches, radio and television interviews, and book signings. All who encounter Matthew C. Horne will leave with a heightened awareness of their limitless possibilities, and be positioned to live their Best Life Possible.